Monday, 25 March 2013


Where did my sudden compulsive, looking for baby stuff, come from?
I didn't have it this bad when I was expecting with Alex, in fact I was more in denial.
We we're in the middle of moving into a small 1 bedroom flat in order to save more money, which btw turned out to be a right horror place!
I have given nearly all my old baby stuff away when we fell pregnant in Aug'12 which wasn't meant to be after 7 weeks.
I'm not sure why, I knew I would try for another baby once we were both ready again, but knowing there were newborn clothes inside that box underneath my bed just didn't feel right..
So here I am, starting from scratch, thinking if I budget it from now on and get something each month it won't give us a massive bill in one go. I'm not sure if that is my excuse or if it would actually work though, haha.
I'm still in two minds as where baby would sleep, would he sleep on a new mattress in my sons cot or would I get a new moses basket? Alex was a small baby who was happy in his basket for a good three months but then I'm not sure how the girls (cats) would respond on it and if there are cat nets for moses baskets?
I am adamant to combine breastfeed (no formula) from expressed and breast and seen some great mam bottles. Yes I am a big fan of mam dummies and like the idea the bottle self sterilises in the microwave for quick use instead of a bulky steriliser in my kitchen which barely contains 2 bottles each time I turned it on.
Oh I don't know.. I feel like I'm slowly loosing it! Ovulation is near and I really don't want to see one line in 2 weeks time. I feel ready and prepared but at the same time I am scared for Alex, how he will feel, even though he loves every baby he meets, it's always different to actually having one that will be his sibling.
Alex is a terrible sleeper, he didn't sleep through until he was a year and halve old and even now he still wakes on random noises, how is he going to share his room when baby moves out of our room around 6/9 months?
Wow, I'm getting way ahead of myself now..
Lets get pregnant fist! As despite my fears I am too longing to wait any longer.

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